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1-1 or group Sessions 


You can do them too!

Nobody is born with the ability to do a handstand. All it takes, just like with anything else, is practice. When you have the foundational elements that you need in order to access them getting on the mat takes on an entirely new feeling, and it is only the beginning of an exciting new journey. Your awareness grows, new possibilities start to unfold, and what was once thought to be impossible start to become your reality.

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  • A warm up designed to prepare your body & mind to balance on your arms.

  • Detailed instruction on the fundamentals.

  • Taking a close look at several different arm balances, going from most accessible to most challenging.

  • Lots of personal attention on how your specific body can go to the next level.

  • Opportunity to ask Anand questions for any tips or concerns you may have.

  • Chance to make requests on what you want to learn.

Let the journey begin

For some this will be the beginning of a lifetime adventure, and for others this will be another milestone on the path. But no matter where you may be at this moment, this workshop will help boost you to the next place, and I am certain you will gain some insight that will further your arm balance practice.

This knowing comes from experience. I wasn't able to do them once, and I'd love to share with you what I've gathered along the path of these fun asana.

Let's learn to balance our bodies on our arms!


Rs. 1000/- for a two days personal workshop 

How to register?

Very simple! You can just do a GPay to this number: +919791136171 and send us a copy, we will send you the link for the session as soon as!!

Or if you are paying with a different currency get in touch with us

or pay with Paypal:



+91 97 9113 6171



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