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If you're here, I know you care deeply about what keeps your business thriving: your people!

Our programs are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, sharpen memory, stimulate creativity and inspire team collaboration — as well as magnify JOY.
Your employees will feel more relaxed, at ease, healthier and happier.
They will feel more empowered to achieve greater levels of impact with increased energy and motivation.
We will work with you to cultivate healthy change that fits seamlessly with your unique business needs, team dynamics and values.
Please reach out below to chat more about how we may collaborate to support you and your employees during these uncertain times:

Laura is being on the path of yoga since the past 7 years, learning from different disciplines as Ashtanga,  Hatha, Kundalini and Anusara, she found her path on the traditional Hatha Yoga. She is being trained with a Swami from Bihar School of Yoga and from a yoga master from Sivananda Ashram


Co-founder & Yoga Therapist


Founder & Yoga Master

Internationally certified (ERYT500) Yoga Teacher by Sivananda Ashram & (ERYT200) Ashtanga Yoga Teacher at World Peace of Yoga School in Rishikesh Yoga & Naturopathy Diploma from International Yoga Academy Asana Andiappan college of yoga who has teaching yoga for 8 years in Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.

"Samudra coached our group with a very nonjudgmental and peaceful style. They really know the interactions of food and self-time for the body’s proper function and their recommendations are do-able and tailored to ones personal time and ability restrictions. They gave us usable advice and helped us choose goals to implement. Their down to earth approach and relaxed attitude makes every practice fun."

— Pravalika, Architect - Politecnico di Milano.


COVID Recovery *LIVE or pre-recorded video

This program will be focus in healing your system and strengthening immunity, lowering anxiety and stress. Specifically designed to restore the body strength, joint pain, expanding your lung capacity, eyes and brain fogginess, mental unbalance and the concentration. With the combination of different techniques from the Yoga Therapy discipline.


BREATHE for Calm and Focus

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This session includes a combination of breathing and visualization meditation to release deeply rooted stress, tension and thought distractions, allowing you to find a calm and centered focus. Learn how to hit the reset button and harness your own inner peace and power in a world of chaos anytime, anywhere, through simple breathing practices.

STRETCH to Release Tension

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

In this session, you will gently stretch the body in a sequence intended to release built-up stress, tension and tightness, mobilize the joints, increase energy, and connect to the breath to focus attention after long periods of sitting. It will help clear-away stress and create the space in your body and mind to move back into your day feeling re-energized and refreshed.


RESTORE with Chair Yoga

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This chair yoga session will demonstrate how you can incorporate mindful movement and restorative stretching into your daily routines in practical but powerful ways to reduce stress -- right at your desk. Learn more about the science of the stress response and how yoga can help to create a greater sense of ease and enhance overall wellbeing.

MEDITATE to Empower and Motivate

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

In this session you’ll explore time-tested mindset and meditation tools that you can use to re-wire your belief systems and cultivate greater resilience through building a powerful inner dialogue. Learn how to set the tone for increased productivity, creativity and inspiration in your daily life with this meditation and affirmations for empowerment practice.


VISUALIZE to Achieve Your Goals

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This interactive workshop will cover valuable mindfulness tools you can use to cultivate clarity and consciously redirect your focus to move towards your ambitions with a sense of purpose and motivation. When you learn to focus your efforts intentionally, you can program a goal into your mind, making it easier to take the necessary action.

Yoga at Home

Shohan s

I love Laura's yoga classes and meditation.She creates a positive environment and motivates you very well.I feel very relaxed and positive energy after the daily classes.Try atleast one class so that you feel the difference in you. Namaste🙏

Yoga Practice

Garazi Lete bustinza

I met samudra 2 years ago. Anand was my first yoga teacher! It was an awakening experience. He introduced me intoyoga through meditation and asanas. He is all the time smiling and his energy is full power. Now I'm taking Spanish online classes with Laura improving my breathing control, she creates a very nice and gentle flow during the classes. They are the perfect team!

Home Decor


I am a yoga teacher from Sweden who found Anand and his studio when visiting Chennai. The early morning, one-to-one classes with Anand has been transforming in so many ways. He has helped me expand my knowledge and practice and to push myself more. It has been such an honor and humbling experience to take lessons from Anand. He is patient, kind and compassionate and through his very being he emits so much wisdom and knowledge. I would truly recommend taking classes with Anand, either in person, or online to truly understand and learn the essence of Yoga. Namasté




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