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All Levels Workshop

Everyone can do inversions! If you have been curious to learn Sirsasana or Headstand and wonder how one can be on their arms and head, we will explore in depth the steps to being comfortably and confidently inverted. Even if you are a beginner in your Yoga journey or have been practicing for a while, you can still learn and invert. It is all about learning the foundations, the technique and step by step practicing in the correct way.

This workshop will be spanned over 2 sessions to gradually build up your body awareness, practice and confidence to be in the Headstand. The key to master an asana is to Practice, Practice and Practice! A short mini sequence for Headstand will also be shared that can be followed during your own personal practice.

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In the Headstand (Sirsasana) Workshop Series, you will learn the drills and preparatory postures to build the strength, stability and flexibility to prepare you for the Headstand. You will also learn alignment tips and tricks to help get you off the ground. With that you will also gain an insight into its mythology, spiritual and physiological benefits.

No need to worry about not being able to do it yet. With a little daily effort, over time, you will float effortlessly into and out of Headstand.


Rs. 1000/- for a two days private workshop 

How to register?

Very simple! You can just do a GPay to this number: +919791136171 and send us a copy, we will send you the link for the session as soon as!!

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