Are you wandering how are the classes at Samudra Yoga School?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Thousands of people get certified to teach yoga each day. The good news is, even though the market is saturated in some areas, we all internalize, interpret and ultimately deliver what we’ve learned differently.

Therefore, no two yoga classes you’ll take will ever be the same.

As yoga instructor, we are constantly challenged with coming up with new sequences and content to stand out in the crowded landscape. This can be exhausting. It takes continual practice, patience, and refinement week over week.

To create a yoga sequence is to create a work of art. It’s not easily accomplished on a whim. The approach you take is crucial to the success of your class. Selecting each element with thoughtful and mindful consideration is a great place to start. Sharing this masterpiece is one of the greatest gifts of teaching…

It has the ability to change people’s lives!

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