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3 Days to Bliss Retreat

Packages starting from Rs. 10500


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Unique Meditation Immersion To Empower Your Spiritual Journey

3 Days to Bliss is an energy, meditation and detox retreat that will support you on the path to recall all parts of yourself - your energy, enthusiasm, passion for life, and your unique purpose.

  • Explore Mindfulness & Spirituality On A Deeper Level.

  • Learn About Detox Ayurveda Healing.

  • Practice Meditation For Clarity, Wisdom And Inner Fulfilment.

Experience Embraces

3 Days at Loka House, a beautiful eco retreat space surrounded by nature 

Daily Yoga & Breathwork Practice

Meditation & Energy Healing Modalities

Ayurveda Study Seminars

Plant Base Gourmet Cuisine

Healing Herbs Workshop

Personalized Guidance and Support

The Retreat Overview

This retreat will offer you an exploration of 7 main energy centers in the body (Chakra Energy System) as the ladder to your spiritual evolution. Daily practice and study will open the doors to the mystery of your energy anatomy and what potential you have as a human being.

Going deeper into every energy center (chakra) you will learn how to clear blocked energies that you might have adopted in childhood or created due to stress or trauma. You will study and practice healing modalities to activate and return the power into your energy centers.

This process is aimed to bring your whole self into perfect alignment. Through energy clearing and activation you will gain access to your spiritual transformation.





The Body

✓ Heal your body from unhealthy eating habits and food addictions

✓ Replenish vital nutrients and activate self-healing mechanisms

✓ Revitalize and restore tissues to reverse aging

The Mind

✓ Clear negative mental programs

✓ Establish a positive mindset and use the mind for enlightenment

✓ Experience powerful meditations to activate your intuitive abilities

The Soul

✓ Open your heart for Spiritual Connection

✓ Build confidence to follow your unique Souls’ purpose

✓ Get in touch with your deepest truth - the essence of your Soul

Is This Retreat For You?

3 Days to Bliss is a transformative experience suitable both for men and women of all ages. Focussing on meditation, yoga & Ayurveda it is meant to provide you with knowledge & tools vital for your daily life

The program is carefully designed for those looking to take a break from their hectic lives, wanting to tap into their inner mind, unwind, detox & heal. This retreat will give you a map to discover oneself and guidance to begin and continue their spiritual journey. You will receive  tools and practices that you can use for self-healing and helping others.

This might be your next big step towards Empowerment and Living the Life that you want!

Yoga & Meditation Practice


Meditation Practice - Experience the power of meditation to reach spiritual awakening, emotional balance, and energetic alignment. Chakra meditations will be clearing and removing blockages as well as energizing your physical body.

Yoga Practice - Daily yoga sessions will activate the subtle channels in the body (meridians), opening gently the points of tightness. You will slowly gain more flexibility and a deeper connection with your body.

Ayurveda Workshop  


Ms. Parvathi, our Ayurveda expert will conduct a Masterclass on Ayurveda to help you understand the principles & application of Ayurveda in your daily life. She will take you on an Edible Weed Foraging walk around the property  to identify forest plants, teach you about their health benefits and the easy ways we can use them in everyday life.

Session details:

  • Ayurveda Philosophy, Dosha Identifying & Consultation.

  • Introduction to traditional practices and medicinal plants identification.

  • Herbal decoction for preventing fever, cough and cold.

  • Recommendations for seasonal foods and detox preparations.

Natural Medicine



The Program

✓ Daily Hatha Yoga by Anandan

✓ Daily Guided meditation/Chakra Healing/ Yoga Nidra by Anandan

✓ Ayurveda Philosophy & Healing Herbs Workshop by Parvaty


✓ 2 night accommodation at a lush, green, peaceful, retreat centre near Auroville

✓ Welcome kit

✓ Healthy, organic, home made meals

✓ Tea & coffee  

✓ Bliss time

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Practices

✓ Daily Yoga Practices

✓ Ayurveda Workshops

✓  Guided Meditations

✓  Chakra Healing 

Nutrition and Detox

✓  Morning Healing Drinks & Fruits & Nuts

✓  Holistic Brunch


✓  Holistic Dinners


Plant-Based Cuisine

At Bliss Retreat, we treat food as a precious gift and natural remedy in the healing of body, mind, spirit.

Living plant-based food helps you to walk through life in perfect harmony with Nature and the Universe. When we learn to use food and to eat in alignment with our soul's healing begins. Conscious food choices support the journey towards rapid healing and spiritual awakening.

Incorporating the Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, foundations of Chinese Medicine (Macrobiotics), and Raw Food approach to nutrition our team crafted a special menu with the finest and nutrient-rich meals to balance your energy level and nourish your body.

Energy Balancing Nutrition

Since everything is made out of energy, food is also pure energy. Food is embedded with a ton of information that either heals us or destroys. It is more than chemical compounds and caloric content.

Food particulars carry a certain vibration, these vibrations feed chakras (energy centers) and the whole energy body. What you eat - You become!

Retreat Venue – Eco Rustic Villa in a Fruit Orchard

The retreat center is located near Auroville which a 20 minute ride from Pondicherry and a 3 hour ride from Chennai Airport. It is a quiet and nurturing container for a Yoga Retreat.

This ambiance provides the ultimate rewiring and offers guests a range of places to relax and immerse themselves in this tropical paradise. The property is surrounded by green fields and palm trees and is nestled just minutes away from Auroville and beaches.

3 Days to Bliss Retreat

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Meet the teachers:
Anandan Dhandapani
Founder of Samudra Yoga School
Spiritual Mentor
Meditation & Yoga Teacher
(The Retreat Guide)

Everything that Anandan teaches whether it is about yoga practice, spirituality, or energy healing is coming from the depth of his heart and years of dedicated self-work and personal practice.

He praises Yoga as a powerful method of self-realization and applies traditional Sivananda style hatha principles in his classes following the core knowledge about asana and pranayama. Guided Meditations that Anandan is teaching are very intuitive and based on ancient methods: he creates unique meditation practices that offer energy healing and support the student on his path towards spiritual awakening. Tantric Philosophy is a core aspect of his powerful spiritual teachings, but he welcomes wisdom from all different sources.

Anandan passion is to bring people closer to the realization of their divinity and internal abundance - in an all inclusive embodied form that he, so brightly, emanates.

Parvathy Nagaraj
Ayurveda & Siddha Specialist 
(Ayurveda Workshop Guide)

She is dedicated to women’s causes, economic empowerment and enhancing daily life, e.g. through growing their own food and healing with herbs. Her first teachers in the knowledge of medicinal herbs were her parents, both traditional vaidyas. Today, she successfully incubates several rural managed enterprises that are based on herbs and herbal products.


Upcoming Events

  • 04-Dec-2020, 4:00 pm – 06-Dec-2020, 7:00 pm
    SamudraYogaSchool, 2/50, Bajanai Koil Street, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu, India
    You will wake up each morning to a lush, green view and treat yourself with meditations and inspiring yoga classes. You will get nourished throughout your stay with transformational walks, talks & amazing food that will pamper your body, mind and soul. All our food is healthy, organic & locally made

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ICICI Bank, Old airport road, Bangalore

A/c No: 232601507876IFSC: ICIC0002326

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Good Earth, Edayanchavadi Main Road

Near Universal Farms Auroville PO Edayanchavadi,

Vanur, Tamil Nadu 

Phone number: 

+91 90350 02951/ +91 97911 36171


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+91 9035002951


Good Earth, Edayanchavadi Main Road

Near Universal Farms Auroville PO Edayanchavadi,

Vanur, Tamil Nadu 

Phone number: 

+91 90350 02951/ +91 97911 36171

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