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Safe, happy, free and empower community. 

The Samudra Foundation supports children who live in Covelong village, many of whom have no access to formal education, adequate family support or guidance. We provide emotional, financial and educational support to development skills and empower growth. 


Covelong Community Project

Covelong is a coastal village located in the Bay of Bengal, Tamil Nadu, South India. 

Samudra is a worldwide collective network of adventurers, who share a passion for yoga, travel and surfing. We combine centuries of local experience and philosophy with international creativity.

While many of us come from different paths, we all meet to learn from each other. Together, we create a platform of inclusiveness.

The Samudra team invites teachers, travellers and the people of Kovalam to join us in a collaborate effort to create a wave of positive transformation in the region.


Donation Based
Yoga Classes

Support children in Covelong and join or host a fundraising yoga class. We gather studios from all over the world and all money raised is donated to the Samudra Foundation to support our work.




We truly believe that we can change the world by changing ourselves. To be of service to others is a fundamental part of this path.

Anand & Laura

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We are currently involve in a few projects in Covelong center: teaching Yoga & languages for children, creating environmental awareness, with clean ups projects, composting stations and reforestation of the coastal line. Due to COVID pandemic: Sanitary Boxes, Food distribution, Financial & Health Support to local families. 

The center is funded through generous donations from students, friends and organizations. Samudra Foundation was built on the foundation of Karma Yoga

Recovery COVID 

A team of yoga therapists, yoga teachers, Ayurveda and Nutritionist have come together for this initiative. 

Our team of teachers is committed to supporting our communities in dealing with these difficult times. This program is being offered in the spirit of community service at special fees.

Terracotta Mental Wellness  Meditation P

Tune in

To Heal

This initiative is aimed at bringing people across the world to teach and learn together to raise funds to support on ground COVID relief operations in India.

Zero Fees. 100% Donation.

Learn from our carefully curated group of teachers and healers all across the world. It's time for us all to heal together, as a collective. We need to restore our systems, replenish our minds & rebalance our lives.

Tune in to Heal is a weekend long retreat with classes, workshops & satsangs designed to help you connect deeper with yourselves. 

19th & 20th June 2021 

Ways to Help

There are many ways we could use your help! Through donations, volunteering or interning, and sharing our projects to your friends and family across social media, every little bit counts and we appreciate all that you do.





Your donation is so important to us, as all our projects need more than love and kindness to manifest change. Any contribution is welcome and every dollar matters. Thank you for anything you can give.

We love the donation based classes our yoga teacher network is hosting for us. Do you want to be part of this amazing network? Read more and join us by clicking the button below.

We need help to raise awareness and funds and to share our mission to reach our goals. Join as an ambassador by
1. Donate any small amount and
2. Send us an email with the subject “Ambassador” to . Thank you!

Through our following on social media, we can broadcast and communicate our vision and goals to the world. Help us share and grow!

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