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This type of approach to yoga offers a whole new perspective to being fully present in the moment

while enjoying the splendour of floating on water.

In collaboration with SURF TURF

introduction to

sup yoga workshop

Location: Chetpet EcoPark, Chennai.

Price: Rs.2,500/-

Curious to try SUP yoga? Never been paddleboarding? Gain the confidence to enjoy floating yoga all summer long with this Introduction 3h to Paddle Board Yoga Workshop!

This three-hours workshop begins with paddleboarding and SUP yoga fundamentals. You’ll learn everything you need to know about paddleboarding, including getting to know your equipment and practicing paddling techniques, explore a series of yoga poses on the board with step-by-step guidance.

Finally, you will be led through a yoga class to experience flow, practice your new skills and know what to expect all summer long in our two different locations Chetpet EcoPark and Kovalam beach.

One of the most important focus in SUP yoga is the breath, so this workshop will also included a breath work session that will teach us breath control techniques and to have a conscious breathing during the time on the SUP.

We will have a tea break between both sessions.

Our SUP Yoga and CPR Certified instructor will be with you every step of the way to ensure you enjoy a safe and supportive experience.

Bookings & Info contact:
+91 8925736533 



Price: Rs.1,900/-

Ages 15 – 80+ 

This fun 90-minute class begins with a short lesson on paddle basics followed by 45 minutes of yoga then open paddle before returning to shore. Students will enjoy paddling inside the ocean and beginning their floating yoga session with Pranayama (breath). Every class is uniquely different with stretch, spinal balance, and a variety of yoga poses ending with Savasana (resting pose). Modifications will be shared to accommodate ALL levels from beginners to advanced.


Bring a friend or two to share this amazing experience combining yoga with nature!

Bookings & Info contact:
+91 8925736533 


Price: Rs.2,500/-

Ages 18 – 80+ 

(Adult Lesson Only) You and a friend will enjoy a private 2 hour lesson learning basic paddling skills, 60 minutes of Vinyasa/Restorative Yoga plus additional free time of paddling afterwards.

Bookings & Info contact:
+91 8925736533 



You don’t need super natural flexibility or amazing balance to try SUP yoga. Come as you are. It is easier than you think. The ability to swim and a desire to try are all that’s necessary.

While the SUP yoga experience is completely different from a studio yoga practice, the yoga philosophy remains the same on the board; still the mind and unify body, mind & spirit. Practicing in the open sky and feeling connected to the natural world quickly brings a sense of freedom, peace and joy to the yoga.

Focusing on the breath and awareness of your movements are key to maintaining balance on the board. The focus and ease come with time as you practice and will help to develop mindfulness. And what happens if you lose your balance? Don’t worry, it’s a soft landing and you’ll only get wet!


Letting go of the fear is part of the challenge. Sometimes we fall, we get back up, and we try again. It’s part of life and definitely part of the fun of SUP yoga. Most importantly, it is meant to be lots of fun!

Class always begins with getting comfortable on the board, along with basic paddling tips and instruction. We paddle together until we reach a calm destination to anchor. The yoga practice begins with warming up slowly and getting adjusted to how the board feels while sitting or kneeling. Many of the same poses done in a studio can be done on the board. Positioning of the hands and feet may be different to create more stability.

What happens if you get out there, freak out, and can’t find your balance on the board? Everyone is encouraged to respect and honor their own limits; everything can be modified to your comfort level. Finding balance on the board can be challenging and yet it is very rewarding. The constant motion of the water under the board fires up the stabilizing muscle groups and the core in ways that a land practice does not require.

In my opinion, nothing beats ending in Savasana (Corpse Pose - laying flat on your back) floating on the board. This final resting pose is where all work assimilates and rejuvenates the body in a deep rest. Feeling the warmth of sun on the skin, the sounds of nature, and the gentle lull of the water beneath you leaves you thoroughly relaxed and gratified. As you paddle back to land with a sense of empowerment and fulfillment you may realize it’s not just about SUP yoga, it’s another opportunity to believe in yourself, challenge your limits, and rise above your fears.

See you on the water.

Yoga on SUP

SUP Yoga classes cater to ALL levels, from those with no prior SUP or yoga experience to serious practitioners of both. Your SUP Yoga class begins with a brief onshore SUP safety lesson and guided paddle warm-up. Class length varies from 60 - 90 minutes. All equipment for the class: paddle board, paddle and anchor, are included in the price of the class. Adult classes are offered to those ages 15 and up.   



  1. Wear clothing you don't mind getting wet, you feel comfortable doing yoga in and will not be worried about adjusting or falling out in certain places.

  2. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

  3. Sunblock, bug spray, towel and change of clothes are recommended.




ARRIVAL / Please arrive 15 minutes early. This will allow you to secure your space regardless if you are a registered student, on the wait list or walking in. Registered spaces will be given away 5 minutes to start time if we have a full class.

CANCELLATION / If you are no longer able to attend a class you have registered for, we ask, out of courtesy to your fellow yogis that you cancel and free up the space 8 hours in advance.  If you have any questions regarding signing up, please do not hesitate to Contact Us




We are going to be using the boards from Surf Turf, this a collaboration between the two schools. The boards are inflatable and specially selected for their stability to make balance easy. The boards also offer a full-length, non-slip mat on the surface. Each board comes equipped with a paddle, anchor and tether to keep your paddle and gear all in one place while on the water. Stand up paddle boards do have limitations, adult boards will support a person weighing up to 275 lbs.  




SURF TURF - Kovalam Beach 

Plot No. 10, Pearl Beach, Ansari Nagar, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu 603112

Driving Directions

Chetpet EcoPark - Chennai

KMC, 814, Poonamallee High Rd, Opposite to, New Bupathy Nagar, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010

Driving Directions

Release / Liability Form
To participate in this class you will need to fill out and sign the Floating Bliss SUP Yoga Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability. Repeat students must fill out a form each time you participate in a class.

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